Wednesday, August 3

random thoughts.

Moshi moshi!

There are times when you feel like your past life is much better than the life you are in now. But come to think of it, the past made your future and present. So why would you regret of your life now? If you want to change your future, then do something now. Whatever that is, things you're doing now determine how your future will look like. Be it good or bad. 

I've always remind myself that there's nothing to be regret of. Cuz basically, thats what life is all about. You fail now, so u can succeed tomorrow. You're sad now, so there's some room for happiness tomorrow. And I failed several times, but boy, that ain't gona stop me from trying again and again. InsyaAllah. 

Truth is, I am jealous to a friend of mine that will be leaving for the States tomorrow. Taking the same course I'm doing. The same program I was about to register 2 years back. Doing exactly the same foundation as I always dreamt of in Taylors. And of course, going to the same place I've always wanted to further my studies :') sad case huh. Nonetheless, I am happy for you, friend.

 I am again reminding myself that in life, there's nothing to be regret of.