Thursday, January 26

Friends; some stay, most of the time, they leave..

There's nothing much to write though but there's so many things to be shared. Too much! I won't be able to write every single details from A to Z but I'll try my best to put them in words. Not everything, but at least theres something. 

I started living off the college since last semester. Everything worked out well-at first. But things started to tumble down as time passes by. I don't know what went wrong and who's to be blamed. I guess theres no one to be blamed. Its everyones fault and everyone have to be responsible out of it. Sigh. And its true that honesty is the best policy. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to be honest to the one you care and love. I aint talking about boyfs, I'm talking about more serious matter here, Friendship that is.

The more we tried to 'pretend' that things were fine, the more we realized that we weren't being honest to each other. You may say you're pretending to be nice just to be mature enough to deal with you so called enemies, but I say thats truly immature. Not to say I don't miss the friendship that we used to seal. But everything seems so wrong that me myself aren't able to solve the puzzle.

One thing to another, I just don't see the reason of involving any parties to the house maters..

Saturday, September 17

Y everytime makan, mesti bukan u yang bayar?
Y everytime dtg rumah, nak bukak semua aircond and complain this and that?
Y everytime keluar, mesti bukan u yang bayar minyak?
Y susah sangat nak tolong?
Y berkira sangat?
Y tak kerja betul2?
Y susah sangat nak belajar?
Y susah sangat nak quit smoking?
Y cakap main lepas?
Y keras kepala sangat?
Y so selfish?
Y so demanding?
Y tak kisah pasal orang lain?
Y malas sangat?
Y tk boleh terima pendapat orang lain?
Y is it so hard for u to help?
Y tak kesian tgk org tua kerja siang malam?
Y tak buat something to change your fate?
Y bodoh sangat?
Y demand for something you can't even afford?
Y so bossy?