Thursday, August 11

my high school sweetheart

I know, I know, this post might be a lil bit unfair since I'll be writing about my high school sweetheart. But who cares? I was so deeply madly truly in love and I'm afraid to admit that I am still in love. Yikes. Thousands of apologies to my Mr Love. Its just hard to resist :( We've been in love for like 5 years and the feelings won't just stop there. Impossibile!(says the Latins). Trust me, I've tried my best to chart you as the top three, but oh boy, my high school sweetheart never goes down the top three in ranking. Doleo..

We went out for dates, movies, lunch(s), shopping, snorkeling, random outings, ice cream session, bed time stories, snuggled in beds, we hugged each other in times we needed that, we studied together, I can say we did EVERYTHING together. Can you imagine how close we were? And that might probably answers your curiosity. Yes, we are that close. We're soul sisters yawww! Hehe. 

and here they are..


So now that you've met them. Let me start the story telling :D

We went out for just a small get together. There were 8 of us including myself. We always wanted to do a get together before each and everyone of us went busy. So yes, we did :) I was first unsure of coming since I don't really feel like going out these past few days. Esp during the Ramadhan. I always prefer to stay back at home and spend my quality time the familia. But it aint no harsh just to spend one or two days outside with my friends. My high school sweetheart that is! Hehe.

It was all fun and of course, we talked about almost everything. Surprisingly, there's still so much more left unsaid. Girls are just being girls. You talk and talk and talk but you can never stop talking. There's always something to be talked about. We took pictures. Being camwhores. Laughed like we own the restaurant. Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves :)

For the rest of the other 7girls, worry not, there's always a next time. Of course it'll be much much more fun if you were all with us last night :') Ayishah Afiah Mimi Miera Faten Shaq and Naeb, remember you're always here in my heart. Hehe. I know I'm sweet. Hihi.

:D shall.continue.on.this.later.