Sunday, July 24

betraying Mr Love

Semuanya berlaku Selasa lepas.
I went out with ze friends.
Chin introduced me to a friend of his.
We sat. We talked for hours.
From the first time I put my eyes on him,
I felt different.
My heart went beating faster.
Fuh.. berdebar.
Rasa curang pulak.
Tapi takpela. Bukan selalu.
I can barely look at anyone else but him.
I kept on smiling.
Like some insane and lost girl on a deserted island.
After hours of talking,
he had to go.
He waved me goodbye and off he went.

From that moment, 
I just knew I must have been in love
It was almost dawn 
when Izzah told me about the second outing.
"This is the time". I said to myself.
The day after. I came to his place.
He was doing that thing he always do.
I sat right beside him.
To my own surprise, 
he didn't move a meter.
I am sure he doesn't want to leave me.
I just can't help it.
My mind told me to just give him a hug.
But my heart refused.

and that was the biggest mistake 
I could have done in my life.
No matter how much you love me,
I am still someone's else 
and we can never go far
with long distance relationship.
Forgive me for that,

you will always have me 
as your fan
but never as your 
Im sorry :(