Tuesday, July 26

hearts are often broken by the words left unspoken

Its been more than a week since that day. more than weeks I guess. and I'm pretty much proud of myself that I've gone this far. Alhamdulillah. Things were hard for me. In fact they really are. Putting too much pressure will absolutely make things even worst. So yeah, I'll let you and your imagination run free and whenever you feel like talking, I'm always here, you know that. I won't force you to spill the beans but whatever that might be the reason of you doing that, trust me, I am dying to know it be it sad or good. 

Besides that, I am blessed with so many kinds of fruits that Daddy brought home. Yayyers! We're all fruits lovers and we definitely love having them as our bfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Wait, I do sound sarcastic didn't I? Hehe. Worry not, I can go days without rice as long as I get to eat at least one type of fruit a day. But not to forget, some fruits can really make you go dehydrated so yes, drink lots and lots of water. Few more days to Ramadhan and I must say I'm excited! I shall make my 20th puasa resolutions. and lets hope I'll walk the talk :p  InsyaAllah.

kinda crazy over this song :p

Till then!