Tuesday, June 14

the wedding

so who's getting married next?
any couples to be added to the list?
not to mention there's only one couple on the list -,-
excited ni nak pegi wedding of the year.
mind me for being too excited sbb 
she's the first girl to be married in the batch.
and I'm not the only one who's looking forward to it,
in fact, everyone is. 
its more like a reunion for us! YAY!
and and
Thanks for inviting :D

so 'Ainin,
 a girl lady who used to sit next to me in 5 Ibnu Sina,
whom we used to call Mak Ti,  
I know you might not read this,
but erm, 
you're soon to be named MRS Fahrol. InsyaAllah :)

see you on your wedding day! 

it is still too early for this, I know :p