Monday, June 13

is this for real?

its almost 3am and i'm still up awake. man. dah la esok class. mind the class, I actually have something else on my mind. nothing really massive about it. just a little of something to express. 

i participated a competition. well its not really a competition. its more like a program where you have to stand your opinion/interest/ideas/ anything related to it. and so, in order to stand your opinion or suggestion or any one of it, you'll have to do some research in order to prove that you have the right stand, right, no?

so here's the thing. i was already half way to complete my essay. it was about a tea. namely Kombucha tea. but then, after some time, and some so called research, i finally found myself out of idea for this called Kombucha tea. and and after a few visit to a website recommended by a friend, i found something perfectly fine for my short essay that is required in order to meet the application's qualification.

guess what i wrote about? its about VERTICAL GARDEN! ahah! can you imagine Babylon Garden? BUT now, imagine it when its vertical. 

this is the beautiful breath taking Babylon Garden

but now, imagine it, vertical;

which one of these two requires more space? the first picture? or the second one? well its up to how you look at it. vertical garden is not a bad idea at all! instead of having a normal and boring the-usual-horizontal-garden, why don't we try something that is more intelligent in saving space?

have you ever imagine having a house with a garden on your wall. how cool is that? and trust me, this is not a new era of vertical garden. in fact it has long been practiced by some creative awesome people. no i ain't exaggerating. just look at these photos;

what say you? 
start planning a house with these cool yet eco-friendly idea