Saturday, June 11



Final is just one week away. Should be preparing for it by now. And not to mention my second semester result. So many things to be put on considerations now. Gotto admit that as  we grow older in age, and so does the responsibilities. Yes I am just 20 for some might say '20 is just a number and you're still young, come on and have fun'. Well its up to you really. The more you think and take responsible of your obligation(s), the more you'll understand what Life is really all about.
Doesn't matter how big the problem is, its how you handle them that matters the most. Right? Say you have a kitten and it went missing, you are so in love with the kitten that you too went 'missing', which shows that you're not good even at handling small matter as that. 'Small matter' IT IS TO ME, because I am not in love with your kitten. You see what I meant here? It's okay if you don't but at least try to alright :D 

I just got back from another minor obligation. And it definitely feels good cuz I'm currently done with it. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah SWT. The feeling of tick-ing your TO-DO-LIST is just beyond awesome. And right now, I'm in a middle of completing my short essay. Since it is required for the competition that I am about to register to. Thanks to that special someone who recommended it to me. *cough*. Hehe. To that so called 'special someone', we can do this yes we can! :) The clock's ticking and we mustn't waste any more time! 

Oh and yes, I've been visiting tons of online shopping website(s) and I unconsciously added so many items on the cart. Damn. *am I really that rich?* LOL. So gotta work for the money. Till my next post