Sunday, November 7

AUM harimau mengaum!!

 faham tak title post ni? anyway just to let you know, I'm a graduated sem 1 student. yayness! hehe *padahal baru first sem kan. hehe. to put evrything in a nutshell, uitm mmg best BUT (mesti ada but), strict sangat. akta ini akta itu. haihs. Alhamdulillah Ive passed thru the first phase :) bersyukur sangat. I'm excited for the results. InsyaAllah.

Not done with that! Some of my heartiest friends came to uitm! sweet kann? hehe. Thank you sangat2. :D

 they came to visit me in uitm !
:') *tears of joy
from left; Dira, Yunus, Shah
I'm still at home. Right after paper Linear Algebra haritu, terus cabut balik rumah. Went to Tiqa's house for her 19th Birthday Party. Jumaat duduk rumah lepak2 tak buat apa. Jobless.

 pendek and gemuk
thats me ;p

Nisa hotstuff *wink*

from left ; Anis, Tiqa(birthday girl), Nisa, Shana

another day well spent bersama Luqmal

Luqmal : *malas nak layan. 
mampus la kau nak camwhore sorang2


 imma bird. my wings work ;p

Ok BYE :)