Thursday, November 4

when i miss you

i remember when you used to call me so late at night just to tell me that you were sorry that you didnt wished me goodnight.
i remember when you used to text me good morning msgs. and a hehe at the end of the msgs.
i remember when you told me that you would wait and stay awake with me when I just have to stay up to study for tests and quizes.
i remember when you gave a huge packet of chocolates and that you ran all the way from surau wearing your kain pelekat.
i remember when i purposely rang you just to ask for your help concerning our edition of kliser.
i remember when you i replied your msgs and less than about 5mins, i'll receive yours too
i remember when you would be sorry if you went missing, disappearing during the msg-ing.
i remember when you always asked me "where are you? ; dh habis class?" just to ask me whether I'll be at the cafe to buy dinner so that you can see me. even from the distance.
i remember when we bumped into each other, then your cheeks would turn so red that you don't even look at me.
i remember when you persuaded me to join the study group just before ppsm1. but then it turned out to be a personal tutoring session when each of us were busy acting that we were focused studying.
i remember when you used to asked me out for a jogging every evening. 
i remember when you told me that you'll start flirting me just when we start working.
i remember when you used to give me football updates for like every 5mins.
i remember when you never wanted to say goodbye everytime we texted each other.
i remember the first time you told me that you're going to miss me so much.
i remember that you can never stop texting me even when you were in class or in the lecture hall, just to keep me accompanied when i was quarantined.
i remember when you came all the way from your blok just to send me the chemistry past years answer scheme.
i remember when you asked me several times, if ever i'll be going back to KL on the weekends. so that you could join me and sit next to me on the bus.
i remember when you escorted me to the main hall just before I went home.
i remember when you used to sit near the window during your math tutorial so that you can see me coming in the next class of yours.
i remember when you get so emotional and when i asked why, you refused to answer. that i forgotten your birthday.
i remember when you told waniey that you've been admiring this one girl and that you would do something special on her birthday. *and that girl was me ;')
i remember when i checked my twitter and when i checked back my previous retweets, there was a retweet from you the girl that i like @anissyamila. 

if ever i am about to list everything that i'm missing about you, i'll be still typing even after days and months and maybe years.
i miss everything about you, LH 
and if i have the chance to do all these together with you once again, I would definitely will...