Tuesday, November 9

You Again?

h e l l o
exam is over! finally! hehe. malam ni nak online sampai mabuk *okay loser
Just before my last paper ended, Aneq Shaza and I went for a movie in OU. They came and fetch me from home and off we went to the mall. Masuk car park je, terus dapat parking right in front of the cinema hall. So yes, 3 tickets for You Again. It was just 930. The movie starts at 1140. Went for a dinner in Uptown Damansara lepas tu jalan-jalan kat Sunway Giza. Lo-o-ve the open air concept :D 
You again was moderately awesome. Full of dramas and less actions. Not a love story. So boys, don't hesitate to bring your girlfriend for this movie :) I'm rating for 3stars
right after the movie, the girls and I pergi berjalan dan merayap tanpa arah tujuan. Nak dijadikan cerita, the driver, *which you don't have to know who, telah melanggar Pajero. The funniest part is Pajero tak rosak kemek or scratch apa2, tapi kereta Viva Aneq pulak yang kemek melebih2. ish ish ish. First time ni accident dgn kawan. hehe. and semalam terus hantar workshop. Alhamdulillah everything is fine :)

Till then!
have fun enjoying the movie! hugs!