Saturday, October 9

gah gah roar!

hehe. see the title of this post? reminds you of anything? well, it reminds me of the cartoon UP. hehe.

Malam ni malam sabtu and I should be at home. Tapi I was told earlier that we're going to have a test tomorrow morning and for that exact reason I chose to stay back. Unfortunately, the test is postponed til next sunday. So kejap lg Abg Sid will be fetching me. thanks bro.

and semalam kitorg pergi international tennis tournament. free passes. and the ticket actually cost RM390. gila kan? Alhamdulillah dpt free ;p hehe. its open for everyone yang nak pergi *uitm students only. mula2 kitorg mcm hesitate nak pergi. since I got replacement class on that evening. tapi sbb nak dpt markah kor, kitorg pergi jugak. dan, nak dijadikan cerita lagi, international tennis player, Anna Kournikova was there too. omey angat. she's so friendly and charming. hehe. right after the games, ade performance from Jay Sean. woot2. live concert tu ;p haha. LOL. unexpected jugak sbb uitm yg bwk and uitm bwk students to attend concerts? hurm, not bad. *i guess I'll have to stay in uitm? haha. we had so much fun that night :) thnk you organiser for the brilliant paper work. haha.

well I'm not really a big fan of Jay Sean but I do love some of his hit songs ; Do You Remember and Down.

anyway, how does it feels when you used to be close with someone and then suddenly she/he started to keep a distance between you and him/her? haihs. Rasa awkward sangat sbb dulu pernah gelak sama2, share secrets and such. tapi tiba2 mcm tk kenal and nak borak pun dah out of topics. 
Till then
Love, Anis