Tuesday, October 5

feeling the heat

class hari ni  okay la. seronok. i'm starting to warm up for my final. *ceh, baru nak start warm up? org lain dh start nak cool down dh ;p. well that's just me. hehe. yes I know I have to change. I can proudly say that I managed to concentrate on the classes. though ada jugak distractions sikit2. tapi halal je la kira kan? hehe. and so, I did not go for the selection! and yes, this is the decision Ive maid and InsyaAllah, no regrets on the future. I have my own plan :) a better one insyaAllah. Ezzah did make a phone call asking me to join them last night. tapi macam alahai.. malasnya Anis nak trun. sorry Ezzah ;p