Sunday, June 20

spring cleaning !

Mak is coming back tomorrow ! Yikes ! Kene make sure everything is in perfect condition ; clean, clear and tiptop ! I am so excited :D hehe. Might be a lil tiring :|

Living room  
Dapur     checked!
Dining hall
Bilik tengah
Abg Cik's
Kak Teh's
Depan rumah

and and kene buat full preparation since kene register on the 27th June. Which is NEXT WEEK man ! that is sooooo freakingg soon ! can't imagine myself in the University life. rasa macam baru masuk high school and suddenly, poof !, dah University. how time flies kan? 

better get going. kalau tak mmg tk sempat nak finish kemas everything on time :)
daaa ~