Friday, June 18

soon to be an Actuarist :D

 color me, Life

Happy ? Satisfied ? Overwhelmed ?
hehe. still, I don't have the answer YET.
I can only describe the feeling once I get the offer letter.
Tunggu je la all I can do now.

I am still not sure whether this is the right path for me or not.
What if I did make a wrong turn somewhere anywhere?
Not that I'm saying I'm not grateful with what I was offered, but yeah, curiosity is taking over.

Two times .
First, when I applied IPTA right after my SPM
Second, when I applied IPTA right after my Matriculation.
And for these two times, Actuarial Science is still the major that I was being offered .
Alhamdulillah. Is that actually a sign that I am destined to take this as my major?
Hopefully *crossing fingers

I was so happy (in fact, I am still am) for Luqmal that he get what he wanted.
Well not that he wanted it that bad, but hey,
Statistics is nothing much different than Actuarial Science. kan? I hope so.
Anyhoo, congratulations b, you deserves it :) 
No playing around anymore, alright? hehe 

and much thanks to Ayah, Mak, Luqmal, my friends and my family for all the unconditional love and supports. Thank you very much
Sometimes good things in life doesn't have to be the things that we want.
in fact, the things that we hated the most might be the good thing in our life.

Queen A