Monday, June 21

6 Days

starting the count down ; today :s tick tock tick tock
sigh ~ leaving home, again.

Okay so these are things that I'll be settling by tomorrow :-
*make sure you completed these by tomorrow evening !
  • Medical check up (damansara specialist hospital)
  • Pay the University fees (Bank Islam)
  • sign up for an account (Bank Islam)
  • checklist for PTPTN (bsn)
  • passport size pictures (tcm)
pretty much to do ey?
can all these be done by tomorrow? Yes, InsyaAllah :)

and yeah, went to Dataran Jelatek yesterday. The foods are all awesome. Kenyang ! hehe. Nmpk sikit, but trust me, its for two person's portion. meowww ! 

Till Then !