Thursday, May 13


Frustrated nya that I won't be able to go to the game this Saturday :( not that I'll be playing for the team tp my friends are playing and I want to be there to supprt them. Sorry guys, Ive tried my best. dah try nak tuka shift, tuka off day and etc, but the manager wont let me. jealous k oney pegi. and maybe dira? haihs. grrrrrr! Anyhoo, all the best to you guys ! Tetibe teringat Desprado, PIC and etc. hheeh. kelakar lah zaman tu. alright guys, DESPRADO refers to a  name of a football team back in my school ! :)

 back in 2007 ! hehe

and, for that specific reason jugak la, I rasa mcm nak quit kerja. Well, not because I don't enjoy working in GSC with my friends but the fact that I can't spend my time with my closed ones, really distract me from working :( macam mana ni? quit ke tk quit ke tk? 

and oh well, harini Abbey and I babysit Haziq ! So tiring but funnn! hehe. Haziq with his new vocabs ! comel gilaa. geram nak gigit. AND I did some makeover ! weehoo. me liking it ehehe

I hate her. esp when shes doing this.. haha

p/s : shazrin, belajar rajin2 kat matriks ;p