Monday, May 17


Hey ! I just got back from uptown damansara. Putera and Oney came and fetch me and took me out for dinner. mula2 nk tgk movie. and then plan changed to makan at Rasta and then changed to Uptown Damansara. balik kerja je, I terus online. and while waiting for Oney and Pot, I tido kejap. Oney called me a few times and I didnt answer cuz I was silently asleep. hehe. *sorry sayang. after a few dials, baru I terjaga and straight away mandi and everything. I ate Chicken Chop (dh tkde mende lain ke ko nak makan). Oney and Pot ordered for the same dish ; Lamb Chop. tapi Pot nye cm extra spesial. and side orders that we ordered ; kerang(putera's treat, thnk u!), cake from secret recipe(ive been craving for this man!). kenyang gila k, perut penuh, suka hati :) and happy jugak dapat jumpa korang. hhehe

Fifth Fiver FC

and semalam I DID went to Putrajaya to witness the game that my friends participated ! I switch shift w Nisa *thanks dear, I appreciate that much. So I was in Ptrajaya on the morning and TCM on the evening. Tho they didnt won any game but hey, what important the most is, they tried and the enjoy playing their games :) no harsh alright. I'm so proud of you guys and my batch esp . keep this bond strong ! Dah la panas tk beragak, tp sebab nak sorak for the team, sanggup lah :) hehe. and after games, us girls went to Putrajaya for zohor and refreshen-ed ourselves w some cold drinks~ jyeah! revived and terus gi presint 4 to meet my matriks friend. jalan2 jap and terus balik . thnk you Ain for the ride. we owe you! and yeah, we bought this VIP car sticker. all access siod. hehe. cool gila. jalan yg ada cone and blocked pun kete Ain boleh lepas. why? cuz we have that awesome-VIP pass. hehe. sesat byk kali jugak ;/ Putrajaya ni tk convnient lah, signboard menipu.tkleh pakai.

and my lips arent in a good cndition :( sakit gilaaa k. damn. mcm pakai botox *bak kata Pot.

results in 24 hours time. hoping fr the best :0 amin..

ciao ~