Saturday, February 20

wouldnt it be nice

Twas a very sunny day and I can hardly spend my time outside my room. My hours were spent in the room. Sleeping and loitering with my shorts and shirt on.

Me and my roommates, we have issue. Tak tau la nak cakap mcm mna. Evrything went so wrong. Dah la result cam b**i. Dgn roommate yg hmm ntah la. Rase cam nak duduk bilik lain pon ade. Ive been trying so much so that I could at least get adapted when I was with them.But somehow, no matter how much I put my effort in doing that, sure tak boleh masuk punya. Easy words, we just dont have the bond. Most prolly la kan. hmm. sedih la. I miss my friends. I miss ME. being all immature and stupid and happy.
the worst thing IS, they bought kain ela w/o informing ME !!! :'( mana la aku tk sedih kan. sigh. tu pun aku found out time si minah johor ni kecoh2 kain dh hantar kat makcik die. *happy la tu dapat same baju kn.
whatever la. oh, kill me please!

And yeah, tadi ada Bio Fair. Twas all fun! Ade games, yada yada yada. and guess who came?! hehe. DONCHA! my pretty DONCHA, people! hehe. rindu sangat. peluk kuat2. pdn muka. hehe.
Met her at Ain's booth. but she was busy presenting her presentations to the students. so tknak kacau. and I even won several games that I participated! I mean all the games! hehe. hebat plak kan. haha. So proud of myself. cuz I managed to answer all the biology questions! heh. pndai jugak aku ni ;p
Ain won for the best presentation!! am so proud of you, Ain! You deserve it!too bad tk sempat lepak booth Nisa and Aten :( but hey, Im always supporting u :) hehe.

Pastu gi lunch ngan Kak Ieka dearest. balik bilik, blaja jap. TIDOOOOO. ZZzzZzzzZZZZzZZZZzZZZZ *best part of today activities ;p

ManU vs Everton. tk smpai 20min dah 1-1. sedih betul. Mana pegi 1st defender ni???!?! bongok

Mom's birthday is just another weeks away! hehe. planning a dinner for her

Nisa pun! kene save byk $$. so that I can spend some for the pressies.

Today dah 20th. another months away, Farah my akachang nak fly dh. AND I DIDNT GET TO SEE HER FOR AT LEAST A DAY!!! sedih gila shes getting prettier and of course, always my baby ;p
SO, Im marking that as a challenge for me to strive even harder for my finals. I NEED AND HAVE TO! belajar rajin2. force yourself, STUPID! sume nak fly dh. ko sorg je kat Malaysia. padan muka.
You can do this Anis, Im sure u can! Prove that Ayah is wrong! completely 101% WRONG!

Nak blaja, yours truly, MIsS A