Wednesday, February 17

start from the scratch

can't stop listening to
  1. Do You Remember
  2. If We Ever Meet Again
  3. Trying To Sleep With A Broken Heart
morning peeps

list of what I need to do :

  • solve the 6 mechanism equations
  • finish up all the never-finished-tutorials
  • pack the bags. not for a vacation, but for a intellectual 'vacation'(MMC)
  • list down the budgets for the week
    am so not good in saving $$
  • clean up my nails and let it be natural for another 3-4 weeks ;p
  • cncentrate more on my studies & cncentrate less mingling around *you really have to do this
list of what I want to do :
  • explore more on how to make my blog more a attractive and readable ;p
  • learn Korean Language. I'm just too addicted to anything related to Korea
  • shop shop shop
so I guess with the help of this list, I'll disciplined myself and get to do whatever that I want and need to do :) aminn

What Ive been doing for the CNY break :

from left : Tiqa, Nisa, Mira and Anis(me)

meeting some friends after the whole longggg stressfull weeks of studies :)

hasta el final
part of my sweethearts, Mazhyou
frm lft : Izzah, Anis(me), Najla*the host, Syiqa and Dira
lovable girlfriends *Najla's Sister's Wedding
From left : DekNaz, Syiqa, me, Izzah, Najla, Wan, Ain
Front row : Dira

Family CNY dinner at Pelita Puchong
Frm left : Aiman, Haziq and Abg Fuad

late night supper with yunus

Start packing.... later