Monday, April 6


Hi. Yesterday went to see F1 in Sepang. Yunus got two free tickets and he asked me to follow him along. Since the ticket itself cost rm1200, so he decided not to waste the ticket, and invited me. It was a whole jammed on the highway. The race started at 5pm and we could only watch the show for like less than 10mins. so pathetic. But theres no a biggie. everything went so fine. After the race, went to Jamiroquai cncert. Get all partyyyup and even snapped a picture with the hot Henry Golding. woohooo. I can barely hold my horses ! haha. Meet some new friends. The whole thing was fine.

Okay now, lets get back to the main point why the reason I am so in the mood of writing this blog thingy. Last month, I read Mas' cmmnt on Naeb's page. Stated there that they are watching this Korean drama and the way they cmmnted each other shows that the drama is so out of ordinary. I asked Mas the title of the drama and decided to watch it myself. I was so thrilled at the very first of the episode and found it interesting. The hero in the drama really make me felt I am sooo in their world. Okay, not only the hero. But everything in it. I even cried for like more than 10 times and still feel like to. I stayed up for the nights just to feel in the drma. and it works. After finished watching the drama, I am now really inspired to work and study even harder. I want to visit Korea and maybe live there for a year or two. My heart are just too hard too describe. Thats all I can write.

lots love, i miss you !