Sunday, April 26

as time goes by

things are rarely different for me now. I dont have my friends around me, I dont have teachers around me, I dont have juniors around me. I dont have people mumbling to me to do this and that. I dont have strict rules around me. I dont have people watching and reporting my daily activities. but hey, I have my family with me ! Thts what important the most. Well, easy to say that my school life is over and now, I have to stand all alone and be more practically matured. ahah, thats the exact word I shud be using matured. we are now directing our new path of life and everyone, everyone is busy. I miss my friends a lot. its okay Anis. you have to learn and become, remember? hehe. Ive started my workingg daysSS like two weeks ago. Im not sure myself if this thing benefits me or not. I missed fun activities with mia family. thats the most pathetic things. and I met some new friends. Nisa, Chong Yau, Dick, Nataline, Timmy, Faris, Faiz, Azam and etc. hehe. They make me go weeewoooo. haha. Im earning rm**** for that. I had 2 days off for every week and thats okay. KOT. dahla from 10 to 10. come on, gimme a break ! and im gaining my weight a LOT! and I am now FAT as you not see me before. be suprised..! tadaaaaa. LOL

This is going to be a very busy week for me. Aiman balik from Cairo. Mum and Dad pegi Mecca for umrah may God bless you, ayah mak ! and I have to take my renewed IC and open a new bank account. weeehooo. this all includes money money money !! Ka-Ching ! Okay now is already 845am. i have to be prepared for work. anyway, I am so in love with Lee Min Ho and Korea itself. I just cant resist myself from listening to Korean song for even one day ! How bad is that? sigh. InsyaAllah, one day, I will be there standing on my on feet in Korea! hehe. Till then!