Friday, March 6

I'm Yours

Heres a long story to share. Last three days, I was chilling at home when suddenly Abbey, my sister asked me,

"Anis, nak pergi tgk Jason Mraz tk?"
"Stadium Merdeka"
"owhh. nak."
"okay, you pay me rm68"
"alaa, belanja la rm20"

and I tought maybe I could invite some other friends because I thought Abbey will be going there with her peers. So literally, I dont want to smack up the crowds. Of all the numbers that I texted=invite, it was only Paan whom replied my msg. He was so confused whether to join me or to stay at home. pikir punya pikir, he has made the decision, "I'm not going". I was like, tkpe la. Lepak dgn Kak teh je la.

and thats how I get the ticket :) hehe. So the day arrived and Abbey wanted me to wait for her and I'll wait fr her to come and fetch me in Gombak LRT station. We went back to her room in UIA and she get dressed, sembahyang, makan and all. Sharp at 5.30, we went back to LRT and she parked the car there. We straight off to Dang Wangi because Faris will be fetching us from there. Not long after we arrived, we jumped into Faris' car. We were all so the very the hungry. But for the sake of the sitting, tahan je. As we get to Stadium Merdeka, there were already a huge humongous seaaas of humans. ramai gila. I'm starting to get all excited. hihi. Cari gate C and slipped into the lines. haha.

Dah masuk dalam tu, I can satisfiedly say that we get a good sit to enjoy on. and yeah, we did get some snacks to snack on and some fried foods too. tapi fried foods habis before masuk. lapar punya pasal. We waited for so longgggg. nak dekat 2 hours kot. and then tiba2 the lights went off. the crowds started to scream and hang up their hands in the air. best gila kot time ni. hehe. and there he was. standing in the centre of the stage. cute gila kot mamat ni!comelll sangat! hehe. I cant really remember the songs that he sang tapi hits nyanyi la. Lucky, i'm yours. Jason wore exactly what he wore in his albums. being himself :)all in all, it was one hell of a night! weeepeeedaadoooo!!!!

i loveee pictures ;