Wednesday, October 28

hello world

okay, i dont know how to start this. its been months!! lamanya tk post blog.

should I write everything thats happening around me now? malas. Life in Matriculation is really driving me nuts. At first I thought everything would be OKAY. People kept on telling me that matriculation is a fast track and that you have to struggle from the beginning for the whole one year. I tought that would be easy. Just keep on doing the same thing when I was in high school and life will be easy for you. But after times, I got dragged by the environment around me and you can figure out whts happening. I got tangled up with the activities and societies I am in. Preparing for exams isnt that easy. At that particular moment, all in my mind was If ever I started preparing earlier. My first test named UPS was generally achieved my satisfaction. And I can never asked for more. And maybe, because of that, I got literally ruined, thinking that I dont have to study that much and walla, my result might be Okay. My second big exam was PSPM I. Let me tell you everything from the start.
During my study week, I admit that I dont really put 101% effort to actually finished up all my syllbus. But I did did all the practices and exercises given. I tried to find the answers, the solutions, the workings and etc. So I tought I can answer at least 70% of the questions in the paper. Too bad, it did not worked as I tought. Jawab paper exam macam jawab paper yg tk pernah belajar. That sucks a lot. Because I know I can answer them because I've been working for it for the whole one week before. Sedih :'( and so we are told that whoever cant pass the limit 2.00, you will be kicked out. High possibilities that my name are on the list right now. Enuff with the examination.

I am actually on my holiday. Hehe. I did so mny things that Ive been wanting to do. Yay. Hoorah!

Lee Min Ho