Friday, February 27


:) went to KLCC yesterday. paan's treat. baru dapat gaji and he is so kind to belanja. also there ; capeq bijan, shaq, syiqa, faris hasyim, asna, bob, k-man,and mat. everyone looked so matured, handsome and not to forget, pretty is still maintained on the list! haha.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a perfect movie for my mood right now. tak tau kenapa but everything seems so good after the movie. we had had our lunch before the movie. I ate.. hmm tk ingat la the specfic name for the meal I had. tp sedapla. banyak chickens. and you know I love chickens ! At first semua macam hesitate nak makan. but then lepas I brought my meal and serve it on the table, semua baru la bangun and jadi food hunter ;p as usual la kan, Syiqa and I went to the LG floor to get our cheap drinks from Cold Storage and we had to make a big round U-turn to get upstairs. sbb one of the elevators rosak and kene la guna yang lain. but its okay as long as we get what we want.yay! after everyone was bloated and full, kitorg solat and straight to the movie.dan dan je nak masuk movie,sakit perut la pulak. so masuk dulu and went to the toilet. get my business done and masuk la . movie tu 3 hours beb. lama gila. and we were all freezed for not wearing a proper attire. haha. served you right, Anis! Asna dah okay pakai sweater, tapi apehal tktau dia pon kesejukan jugak ;p serious mmg sejuk gila okay dalam cinema tu. tak ramai orang might be one of the reason why the temperature dropped to 17 degree celcius(yeah right). haha. as you know, bila tk ramai orang, CO2 released pon sikit and tkde la panas sangat. bagus jugak adaptation bio aku. LOL. and then dah habis movie, the girls pegi la toilet. touch up sikit. and we headed to the Sony store. Kman banyak duit beli MP3 terus without any plan. Good for you, boy. dah kerja boleh la enjoy :) hehe. By the time nak pergi garden, Asna dah balik. byebye. You missed the photography session dudeeee. I snapped so many photos and I love em. They look good.the fact that I was the photographer or the camera? Upload la dalam myspace. Enough saying. All and all, I had a great time with them and keluar lagi!. anyhow, I missed my tough batch! muahhh

here are some photos to be reviewed ;