Wednesday, February 25

Quick Hello

Hi hi hi :)
Okay, here goes. Wanted to create a blog long long time ao. Yet, off all the busy-ness and everything, I managed to create one! Yay! hehe. I am now eighteen year old girl and waiting for my big SPM result -_-" You should really know how it felt waiting for something that will surely guarantee your future life. The result might probably be out in another 2 weeks. And offer(s) from here and there are widely spread. The thing is, I didnt get any. But my friends did! How can that be? I am now so worried that my result might not be a dreamt result :( I asked them just to check wether they did fill in any forms and suprisely, they didnt. Ya Allah, takutnya! Hopefully everything is going fine and all I can do now is pray and pray and pray :s

Now is already 330am and I STILL cannot sleep. oh God, what is wrong with me ???

oh God, please let my name be in their scholarship candidates //