Friday, February 27


five hours(or more) stucked in the cabin with loads of new people and two teachers :) hihi. My first day of steps to P had been all a good one. Glad no one spoil it.why should anyone bother to? Meet a Illy for MRSM. Cant exactly remember which MRSM but it is in Perak Darul Ridhuan for sho. And as the boarding school's reunite, you know whatll happen. Cerita pasal sekolah sahaja. haha. The stall which I had my lunch was so freaking mahal. Lagi mahal dr Pak Cik Shukor. Daymmm you mamak!(middle finger's up). The new course has just begun. more days ahead waiting for you, Anis! All tied up and along you go with the spirit! YAY! hehe. okay okay. Craps. taaa~

you know you love me,
Queen A