Friday, July 15

stop, save and start!


So how's your holiday so far? Like it? Love it? or hate it? As for me, I'm pretty much enjoying my holiday to the fullest. Not that I go all crazy every day every week, but erm, more to self occupying. Taknak la duduk rumah all day and sleep at 4am and wakes up at 12pm. No no.. I don't want that :p it feels so wrong and terus tkde mood kalau bangun at 12pm. So just to keep myself aligned to my activities, I'll try to wake up as early as possible. hehe. lgpun pintu rezeki lg luas time pagi, so work your ass guys!

Since I am jobless, I am quite worried about where and how am I gona get the money. No money no activities. Don't say money isn't everything, when money is actually something. To put my anxiety at pause, I do something that will eventually meet my need, MONEY that is! Hehe. Simple and easy.... Anyhoo, that's not my main point here. My purpose now is to share how I stop spending, start saving and start spending again :) :)

First thing first, I'll make a list of things I want and things I need. Or maybe anything that I want and that anything requires money, so yeah, I'll jot them down. If its something available on the market, I'll just march around the malls. Note that this is important! Why? Because it gives you ideas on what to buy and you can actually compare the prices. Which leads you to an ideal shopping cart. and if you're planning on a trip or anything that requires money, do list them down too. Next, you'll have to re-list your list by grading them on what's important and what's not.

Secondly, start saving. Do whatever that can improvise you with money. ANYTHING!(as long as its halal). Spend money wisely as in if you really need to use the money for your daily needs eg. foods, transportation. Don't spend too much money on foods that are not healthy (McDonalds). Go for something yang mengenyangkan and memuaskan hati. Because when yo eat something yang tidak mengenyangkan, you tend to spend more and this leads to pembaziran. Whenever you get cash, straight away bank them in in your account. People tend to spend a lot cuz of the cash that they have in their wallets. So decrease your cash and you'll tend to decrease your spends.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, your fav part of all, S P E N D ! Wait, don't go insane. Spend here means you are allowed to spend anything on your needs and wants cuz you got all the money that you want. The trick here is that, when you have saved up to some amount of money,you'll start to realize that having a saving is lot lot more important than to have the things that you want. You'll start to cancel anything that is less important on your list and spend on something that is important. It's the feeling of 'sayangnya nak guna duit ni, I've been saving it for months and I shouldn't be spending them on something like this (pointing to a pair of jeans, RM499). 

It's a no wrong for self pampering, but bare in mind that you need the treat only when you achieve something for yourself. That will motivates you to work even harder and smarter. You can absolutely try this at home :)