Wednesday, April 27

so what if I'm ________?

It's Wednesday today! Yippy! I should be out at the malls. Watching a movie. Hanging out with friends. Wasting my time. Talking about the same thing over and over again AND never get bored out of it. Gossiping about him about her about that man about that old women. Things were never 'the same thing' back then. I've been one spoiled little brat ; asking for money and do nothing but wasting my time, money and money. That was then. Then when I didn't really appreciate the value of money. I think I am now? InsyaAllah. :)

Doing Actuarial Science as a major is seriously not something you can brag about. Its the responsible that you're on to. *and if you're still wondering what Actuarial Science is, you can just type it on the google deck and walla, the answers are all yours! Hehe. I can always imagine myself having more than 30k per month (in the future) insyaAllah. But that doesn't come with a hard work. No pain no gain. You can never get something by doing nothing. That's life ain't it? Look at me.. I'm so good at talking -,-

Alright now. Gotta continue studying. To the finals! :)