Saturday, April 23

just you and me

take me somewhere where we can be together.
 just me and you. just you and I. 
I'd love to spend the day with you. only you. 
we will talk all day long. 
doing nothing but having each other. side by side.
enjoying the view of the Creator. being grateful having you with me.
and when the rain falls, 
we'll set up fire and we'll chill by the fire. warming up the nerves.
just you and me. 
without noticing the time passes,
the sun shines right back to the top.
spreading the warmth.
the wind blow. feeling so surreal.
so pampered, cuz you're right in my arms.
doing nothing.
just you and me.

written by me
, jiwang without roses

*taking a break from calculus revision*