Friday, April 15

I shall not..

I just got back from Shah Alam. A long day today. Woke up for subuh and went back to sleep and for that reason, I accidentally skipped my last class of Theory of Interest. Sobs sobs. Anyway I did went for Puan Zalila's last class. Hehe. Checked my carry marks for this semester and it was not that good I tell you. But I still have time for final, so yeah, gotta strive as much marks as I can. InsyaAllah.

     That was just an intro for this post. I am actually writing on what I shall not do next time. Or 'the last time' I must say? Knowing new people is surely a fun thing do. Especially when you unintentionally draw a little bit of interest on that 'someone'. Or in an easier form to say, is when you have a crush on someone the first time you met him or her. Well for me, liking someone is when you found yourself dying to know more and more about him or her. That's when you profoundly realise that your eyes brighten up and shimmering for smiles of him. Hehe. Okay that was exaggerating. I've been into a few relationships before and yeah, none of it have ever worked out. In the sense that maybe I/he left him/me. Either way round, still, love starts with the word like. Agree, no? People come and go but one will stay. That's what I believe.  And perhaps that's what life is.  And that 'someone' is definitely a definition of your spouse. 

     Let's get back to the title of this post.. First of all, I shall not judge a book by its cover. Its not fair for him/her. In fact, its not fair for anyone. Well, the cover might be a little bit dull, or maybe dusty. Dusty as in no one has ever touch the book for quite some time. But if you try to read the first chapter of the book, you might find yourself digging for more of the contents :) 

     Second point is, I shall not be in love with all sort of sweet greetings from the fb or skype or ym or whatever that is virtual. As I can see myself on the fb. I uploaded pictures. And yeah, I sometimes approved strangers a friend of a friend. I've never met them before and they have never met me either. And so the judging goes.. BASED on the pictures, comment and so on. To the extend of that, the greetings goes this way "Hi, thanks for approving. You're so pretty". YES, pretty just from the view of the screen of your laptop. So personally I prefer it to be face to face greetings and conversations. Mind me, this is specified to the person that I, Anis Syamila, wants to fall in love with. Meaning I shall not be blindly in love with a guy I met virtually met on the internet. Pepatah melayu "Indah khabar dari rupa". So yes, I don't want to be judge that way.

     Third point is.. get to know me first. And I shall not rush in time to get to know him either. Everything revolves with time aren't they? So yes, so do I. I should strictly behave myself and be humble in everything that I'm doing. This is the safest way to avoid one part saying "I tktau pun u mcm ni dulu". Hah! Siapa suruh sibuk2 nak bercinta cepat sangat. Not that I'm saying its wrong to do so. But hey, take it slow. If he/she is meant for you, sooner or later, he/ she WILL be yours. Only time will tell. InsyaAllah. 

     The next point is, when you told him/her that you like him/her, you should actually learn to respect his/her feelings. Say both of you started acting awkwardly in front of each other, started to text each other like every second, started to gets worried if ever him/her disappear, *even for an hour, started to use term that friends normally don't use eg: miss u, take care, where have u been, goodnight. Then you know you are someone to that someone. What I meant here is you might be a someone special for him or her. Once you realise this, please please please, try to respect each other. Respect in the form that you know you love her, and she loves you, why would on earth you decide to move on so suddenly and leave her? Look, you don't have to have the title 'coupled' to be in love and most importantly, to be loved. You know what I'm saying? Easy said that, once you realise you are loved and in love, you don't have to wait to be titled as gf or bf to be respected as one. 

      That was my last point. If EVER I go against any one of the above, percayalah, itu takdir Tuhan. Hehe. Please note that I am not looking for anyone. Just because I wrote this random note, doesn't mean I am in a mission of finding a true love. My true love is right there. Right here. He's always with me. Always.  Thru the thicks and thins. 

I'm in love with the same guy everyday. How now?