Saturday, April 9


moshi moshi :)
when was the last time? right, a month ago. nothing much to write. just a little something from my heart. hmm that rhymes ey? hehe. and so, i just got back from Shah Alam. Its a weekly routine, for now(insyaAllah). rasa wasted sangat kalau weekend tk balik rumah. tadi ada dinner koko. koko tennis. hmm tktau la nak rate berapa bintang but it was zero satisfaction when it comes to the buffet. we paid rm65.50 per head and the foods served were seriously out of my mind. i was expecting something more. all and all, syukur Alhamdulillah the majlis went very well.
exam nak dekat sangat ni. ya Allah.. this is crucial. time constraint anis! come on you can do this! self motivation. you should try this too. when you dont have anyone to motivate you, to walk beside you thru your ups and downs(especially), now you have to be responsible of yourself. *im so good at talking but less when it comes to actions. mind me. tak sabar nak habis university. and and kerja. and and boleh ada kereta sendiri and and rumah sendiri.
hmm.. tk rasa nak sambung. bye. i can write crap and emotional essays. ye aku tgh emo ni. bye