Monday, December 13

oink oink

Just ignore the title of this post. Since I am not that much creative with catchy lines.

Had a great weekend with ze Bahrom's clan. *with a little too much pressure from daddy*. Went to Malacca for a family visit. Pak Lang toured us around the Malacca Street. It was fun, seeing the happening lights, people coming in and out from the shops, cars hustling through the busy streets, and that's what we called it a city or town of tourists? Hehe. Whatever you named it. Had our late night supper by the beach. Satay and mee hoon goreng were just as tasty as Rib Steaks. Yummayh. But yeah, it was surely a family fun time :)

BUT, apart from that, I am getting too much excited for tomorrow. Whoopy! 
Have an awesome Monday!