Tuesday, December 14

Live Fashion, Love Music

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Hehe, sebenarnya kan, kan, kan, rasa happy sangat that I managed to join my friends to Maysaa's Event :) Hihi. Well not because of I won anything ke apa. The best part of the event IS, we met new people, with all kinds of fashions. For some people, mesti korang akan rasa, "Eei, selekehnya, tak reti pakai shawl ke", well that is up to you. Tapi I love the way the people there dressed. So elegant so vintage-ish so preppy so intelligent so casual so beyond ordinary. Hehe. And mind me, to have interest in fashion, doesn't mean you have to dress like one, no? Sebab me myself, I love seeing all the fashionistas and how much I'd love to tell them that I love love love their sense of fashion, TAPI, I don't really have the intention of being one of them. Sekadar untuk eye pleasure. Sekali sekala tu okay la kot to get all dressed up like a barbie doll kan? Hehe. Well, don't get too much offended, that's just my principle. You have yours, so follow your own. Wear anything that you love to wear, just be yourself, let the inner beauty of you, shines out to the world. Ceyy. Haha. Tak salah pun kan? 

Everyone there was undeniably gorgeous. Masuk je Black Box tu, I was extremely amazed. Ramainya fashionistas with hijab kat Malaysia ni. I didn't really noticed that sebab I don't really do blog walking. Tapi blog kawan terdekat, rajin la baca. Tapi apa kaitan fashionistas with hijab dengan blog? Hehe. Well, sebenarnya, yang datang haritu, most of them adalah active blogger. And they usually share on what they wore and stuff. And for the same reason jugak la diorg boleh jadi familiar sangat with the name of Hana Tajima. Hana Tajima ni pun active blogger. Cool innit? And she herself designs clothes and hijab wear for Maysaa. Go google!

It's past 4am. I should be getting to sleep now. Morning Malaysia! Goodnight Sweden!