Thursday, November 18

meow. arigatou

so here's the thing.
tgh boring2 online tkde buat apa kan,
ber-camwhore la kejap. and at the same time,
rasa mcm profile pictures kat fb tu semua macam boring.
so.. I decided to put up one of my so-camwhoring picture as my default.
but that's not the thing,yet.
hours later,
Nisa IM chatted me, saying that,
she, too, has a picture of the same pose,
and that she wanted to make that as her profile picture.
so I said, "letak laaa!" hehe *excited terlebih.
and so she did,

can you spot the similarities? no? let me help chu,

there, better?
hehe. sama kan? sama la.
well, of course la Nisa tu cantik.
saja nak point kat posing and shawls. tu je.
hihi. I miss you Nisa Masem. 
Okay BYE!