Friday, November 19

lazy friday

its Friday today! how time flies~ 
anyway, sepatutnya dah ada kat Perak with mom and dad. tapi tadi time packing2, something bothered me more. Kalau ikut diorg, sure susah nak online. and online is the only way I can contact you thru. Handphone rosak. Sad case :( sobs. and another part of the story, Nisa tried to call me for like 3 to 4 times. we were supposed to go out for Harry Potter. Tapi tk perasan. Sorry Nisa. Hope you had much fun with your friends and your FA.
and to make things even worst, laptop rosak. virus byk gila. virus menda alah ntah pop out for like every 10 seconds. critical much ey? sigh. Friends suggested me to reformat the laptop. Tapi mcm tk best je? Can I have a new laptop mummy? pleaseee pleasee please? *puppy face hehe
arggg I can die out of boredom! Nak keluar pun mcm dh boring lepak malls.kan?
kill me x___x