Monday, September 6

Raya In The Making

Ramadhan is almost over. sobs. sedihnya. 
anyhoo, while we are still fasting in the month of ramadhan, we are also busy preparing for raya arent we?
mom's downstairs in the kitchen. tgh buat kuih raya. bestnyaaaa ! should be helping her.

tasted. and yes, sedap :) hehe

tapi saja busykan diri doing something else. hehe.
but not just some random 'something else'. 
check this out.
this is what i am currently doing. 
*saja nak show off. eeeee!

cantik tk tulisan? tk payah puji.thank you !

still am putting an effort to love calculus. insyaAllah :)
BUT still, with so many distraction with the laptop is on and of course fb logged in, I can never be not-distracted ;p hihi

sorry fuad aka mimi's hero :p 

and esok nak tlg makeover rumah for raya pulak. insyaAllah :D hehe.

a snap before the makeover.
stay tuned for the make over ;p LOL

okay bye ! luqmal dh msg :)