Tuesday, September 14

ragam raya

Just got back from Mak Teh's house in Kuala Kangsar. The visit was awesome I must say. You know, gathering around with the cousins, aunties, in-laws, nephew and nieces, who wouldn't label it as awesome? kan?

BUT, as we were on our way back on the highway, Mak suddnly asked me, "where's my hand phone?". The fact that I DID took the hand phone from her handbag, that's why I was being questioned.
and then kelam kabut la cari hand phone merata tempat. damn, I think I left it at Mak Teh's place. Tried asking Fadhil, my cousin, to check around the house. sad to say, the hand phone is no where to be found :(
I wanted to access the internet using Mak's handphone. (at first). I can't access the internet and so I put Mak's phone right beside my phone. I went downstairs. and when I went upstairs again, the phone was already out of my sight. I assume Mak has taken back the phone and keep it. but yeah, I was wrong.
Sorry mak :( I feel so guilty. Nak ganti, I don't afford to ganti one. haihs. -_____-"

Anyway, raya is going out good so far ; except for the phone missing part. 

ok dah. malas nak type. bye