Tuesday, September 28

day one

Good evening shah alam :)

Class finished at 4 tp ada test right after the class. So instead of heading back to Mawar(the 5 stars rated cllg kediaman), Azmin and I went to Madam Arni's room for the test. I requested for the test to be postponed till tomorrow and she agreed. 12 pm tomorrow ! Stats test ;s wish me luck people !

and, to make things harder for me, my matrics card appeared to be missing somewhere. Searched everywhere tp tk jumpa jgak :( so kena buat matriks card baru. the worst part is, kene report dulu and then baru apply for a new card. haihs. can't you be any more complicated??

and and and, just to let you know that I'm applying for another local universities for the next semesters. Aiming for a good result this first sem and yeah, kalau ada rezeki, boleh transfer :) *crossing my fingers InsyaAllah.

be mine