Thursday, September 30

day four

hoyeahhhh baru habis basuh baju. hehe. don't get too excited. not hand wash, but coin operated washing machine. rm3.00 gone just like that . malas punya pasal kan? well at least I don't have to spend hours of time just to get the pail empty :)

okay enough with that. pagi tadi ada jamuan hari raya. it was awesome. meriah sungguh hari raya kali ni. and I'm starting to miss everyone that has formally or informally connected to my raya. bye everyone. jumpa lagi next year. hopefully it'll be another one blessed blast raya. InsyaAllah :)

my sister is getting married next year and I'm getting a little too much excited about it. bestnyaaaa! hihi. I was having a conversation with her on skype and she told me to address mikael as abg ngah. that's funny sbb I don't even call my kakak as kak ngah. haha. apa2 ajalah kak. u must come back soon and get married here in malaysia. Next year, family photo mesti wajib complete which I am not giving you any other option than to stay here in malaysia and celebrate raya with us. okay kak? ke kak ngah? haha.

anyway, tetibe teringat last Friday when my mom took me to the hospital to get a check up since I didnt stop vomiting due to food poisoning, I had a little conversation with the doctor and she's having this England accent. and mak marah2 telling me that my english is very very bad. haihs. *the fact that you should really bring me along when you and ayah are travelling, and maybe my english might somehow improve? hehe.

I just loo-o-0-Ove my make up today and rasa sayang nak remove. hehe.
I still feel like writing tapi nak kena hang baju , so yeah, gtg. Bye semua :)

catching up session with Iz and Atie

 Jamuan raya FSKM :)

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