Saturday, August 7

today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow

Its funny how things changed real fast. Feels like just yesterday I registered for my high school. and then now I'm already a degree student. As time goes by, we will meet so many new faces, new environment, learning new things, and far most important is that how far we've learnt throughout the phase that will keep on changing.

I personally think that life isn't just levels of phases, but life is beyond that. Yesterday, I can never knew what will be happening today. And so does today. I can never know what will tomorrow serves me. It keeps me wondering why do I have to think and wonder of what will happen next. Not that I'm saying thinking of the future is a burden. But why can't we just have the fullest joy of what we are doing now and make it the best moment of life. so that every moment is the best moment. Is that possible?

I was one loud and cheerful girl back then. I don't know what went so wrong, or maybe what is it that changed me to me today. I am still loud and cheerful, but only to some people and only at some time. People change and yes I agree.

Things do happen for a reason kan? InsyaAllah. I believe in You, God. Whatever that happens today, I know it is just and early examination so that in the future, things will fall apart exactly the way I want it to be. InsyaAllah. If it is not meant for me, then Allah prepared me a better one. Amin.

Ya Allah, berikanlah yang terbaik untuk hambaMu ini. Sesungguhnya Kau lebih mengetahui. Amin..