Thursday, August 5

Malaysia Boleh !

Hi people :)
Announcement to be made here,
This is so cool. C++ is so uber cool. *I know this is so lame
Okay, enough being excited.

For the past few days, I don't know what really inspired me but I attended each and every class successfully !
But yeah, there were times when I got so bored and plucked in the earphone. Sorry lecturer's, at least I didn't shut my eyes ;p
So many things happened last week and this week. 
AND, I spent quite a lot tho I tried to save.

Met few of my girlfriends after such a long long time since the last time we've met. (and InsyaAllah, semua, SOON).
So entirely happy and grateful with the showers of love :) Alhamdulillah. Syukur 

mtv world stage 2010

my dearest beloved girlfriend ; shaq and afiah

with the two kakaks ; nisa and dira

a visit from naeb :) she's on her summer break 
from left ; aten, naeb and me, anis

That's all for now
you know I you,

I miss Luqmal, and my family. Ok bye !