Wednesday, July 21


finished class at 12. and went to PTAR (Perpustakaan Tunku Abdul Rahman). we were requested to at least bring one reference book on C++ programming. I took the smallest and the lightest one to carry :D lunch at DC before went back to my room.

I wanted to finish my findings on my CTU topic regarding the presentation tomorrow ! brr :s and then Nisa called up and told me that she received an offer from UKM. Offering the course that she had had always wanted. damn. you got baby :( so many things to be cleared off at this exact moment. sigh.

I end up sleeping for 2 hours on my bed. Unconscious. How I wish I could sleep forever. So there's nothing more to worry nothing more to think of nothing more to be missed nothing more to lose nothing more to hope.

oh and yeah, off to camping this Friday for 3days.