Friday, July 23

Dear Nisa,

pg ni bangun at 7am. lambat jugak sbb last night I had to stay up until one to help my friends out with the presentation today *I dont think I helped them that much
Time tengah gosok gigi, all of a sudden teringat kat Nisa. omg, I still can't believe that she IS REALLY LEAVING. damn.
Nisa, I terfikir, to whom Im gonna talk to kalau I ada problem.
There's no one for me to call Babe.
Dah tkde sape I nak put my arms around the shoulder and ckp " I miss you la babe"
I am so going to miss you Nisa.
Can I not see you before you leave?
So many things that run into my mind pg ni.
Can I ever see you as frequent as we always did?
Cuti ukm and uitm same ke tk?
you akan ingat I lg ke tk bila u dh kat sana? Bila u dh ade ramai kawan. Bila u dh jumpa kawan2 u yg much much much better and pandai. 
Mmg I tersentap sgt when you called me yesterday saying that you dapat offer from ukm.
DAMN. rasa nak mencarut. haihs. 
yes, ramai org cakap "ala, lepas ni bukan tk boleh jumpa", BUT STILL, it feels so different when you are living together and when you are living apart. tho boleh msg call skype and whatsoever. 
I nak mintk maaf. Sbb I tau u rasa you are being ignored by me time orientation. I guess God has showed me the reason why. Sbb Allah nak you ready sbb kat ukm nnti, I am no longer going to be with you. 
I tk puas lagi nak explore uitm ni dgn you. nak duduk rumah sewa sama2. nak pegi mandi wetworld sama2. nak gi swimming same2. nak balik Damansara same2. it feels so different bila u dh tkde nnti. nak rent a car and buat road tour. mcm2 lagi la. it would take ages kalau I list them all out kat sini :(
anyway, I am still happy that you are offered the course that you want. you go girl !
nnti boleh jadi my very own personal dietitian :)
you jaga diri kat sana. I harap you akan happy and enjoy your university live esp when youre in UKM ! hehe.
Sini dh boring dah I rasa. uitm, boring. boring. boring. why eh? I pun tk tau. 
oh and yes, please take care of Luqmal too. since you are going to be there in ukm as well.
Jealous jugak ni sbb ukm cantik. college sana mcm apartment. seronok la you :D
jangan lupa text I. kalau tk, I merajuk smpai mati. hehe
JAGA DIRI ! okay? love you babe.
Friends Forever
your colleague, your neighbour, your matrics friend, your uitm friend,
Anis Sy :)