Tuesday, May 11

skills yada yada

what do you say about skills? something that is naturally in you or something that you need to learn and experience in order to own them? hurm. and everyone have their own skills. and so do I :) hehe.
whatever it is, I am so lack in budget-ing skills. Anything that relates to numbers cause me to pinch my nose and rub my eyes thousands millions of times. *fenin fenin. 
I got soooo many things to do this June and yet, I still don't have the budgets on what will I spend and stuff. Okay, calm down Anis. Calm down....

  • Mazhyou get together 
  • trip to kak ieka's
  • ______ trip with Shasha 
  • family birthday celebration
  • Cherating *still on hold
  • Fifth Fivers (reunion) - Bagan Lalang
and of course, the most important thing IS, my studies. kene put this on priority list!
I really need to make a list and list out everythingggggg! mesti tau. 

alright, lets talk about ME .. and people around me :)

last two days which was the 9th of May, Mother's Day and yesterday was my Ayah's birthday . Happy Birthday Ayah !♥♥ Celebrations are all on pause since everyone's busy. whatever it is, the love that we(referring to the daughters and sons of Bahrom and Halipah) have for the both of you is beyond everything. I love you Mak Ayah !

Work was okay today. Mira and Nisa went for a day off relaxing at home. but it was okay. Huzreen and Taufiq were there with me and we talked a lot. haha. macam2. Alhamdulillah everything went well today.Hopefully esok is going to a better day than todays :) Amin.. and yeah, esok ada futsal friendly match and farewell party for Mr Kho. am not sure of going or not. put that aside first. esok bincang dengan Nisa.

huarghhh. ngantok dah :) better be sleeping now.

and btw, Hakim suprised me at the counter just now! haha. happy to see you Hakim !