Friday, May 7

I hope you'll sing along, though it's not your fav song

Morning peeps :)

okay basically this week Ive been keeping myself busy with work. tiring, I know. but twas fine. and Anis loves it. not gonna title it as stressful but yeah, its tiring and I enjoy-ed being busy this week. been thru a hard time. for some reasons. im not gonna talk about it here, fo sho. and at least tkde la terasa sgt when I occupied my leisure time by doing something that I love doing. kan? 

:0 :| :) :p

and, I am so blessed to have wonderful people around me. I can never ask for anything better. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for all the unstoppable love and supports. I can never walk thru this ups and downs wo all of you :) *hugs and big kisses from me. hehe

tadi I went to TCM for no exact reasons, dh la off day today, sebok nak gi tcm lagi. haha. talked to Nisa about it and hey honey, what uve said just now, that really make sense. I shouldnt be so needy kan. Lesson learnt! and I went home after I get all the groceries ordered by mum. and of course not to forget, my bubble tea too! haha

and yeah, I did some house chores this morning and feels good for doing so. bila dh kerja ni, i felt so occupied. theres always something to do at anytime.
and I'm currently attached to a novel Kite Runner. I'm up to chapter 2 and I like this line saying "the eyes are the windows to the soul" :) I'll have to continue reading cuz Im now eager to know whats next.

so sekarang ni Anis, you have to look forward. stop looking back. U can turn for a glance to make yr correction, but NEVER turn back and menyesal. you've done yr best to fix things. but somehow, u can never make people stay with you. If he really is for you, then you'll meet him again one day. only time will tell. smile and be brave to step forward :)

&& this song really is something for me Best of Me ; Daniel Powter

I'm working tomorrow so I'll continue writing later. tk care people. 
love ya'll loads !