Wednesday, April 28

"okay Anis, you can start tomorrow "

excited nyee for tomorrow! My first day of work! Yay! hehe. Thank u Mira for informing me :) *i belanja bubble tea k, and you have to try this bubble tea Just One Cup. sedap gilaa please. lepas ni gi TCM je cr bubble tea. sllurrrp !

I was already up around 8am. Bukan sbb excited, tp dh terbiasa bgn awal. hehe. Pastu, online dulu (first thing first). and baru la mandi. Mandi around 12 mcm tu. 
I was supposed to be at the office,Bukit Lanjan, this morning. but yeah, I didnt. So many things to do lah harini(sbnrnye la)
  1. search for a vacancy kat TCM
  2. pegi office
  3. bubble tea kat Just One Cup
  4. Mid Valley girls day out
and, I would love to congrulate myself sbb accomplish only the first and forth! Hoorah! theres nothing to be proud of pun sbnrnye. I should save it only when I managed to settle all the four tasks. kan?
harini boleh dikatakan seronok la. I get to spend time with my girls and yeah, dapat kerja at the same time. and im starting tomorrow! hehe. and and and, ade la something which excites me more than anything :) :) :)

my name should be on the bowling screen*betul ke ni?, and sbb lambat dtg, I didnt get the chance to strike as many as I can ;D poyo kan. ngeh ngeh ngeh. I was late about 2 hours? lmbat sangat tu.
Time dh smpai tu diorg tgh lunch kat Nando's. mcm2 borak. okay, to be precise, kitorg gossip, and and byk la cerita. bile perempuan duduk satu meja, cmni la jadi. but still, theres so many things to catch up. Lamaaa gila k tk jumpa. jumpa kejap td, lepas la jugak rindu di hati.

 Mazhyou sayangs :)

the one who always listens :)

515 cmtu dh otw balik rumah. we were avoiding to be sandwich-ed. and tetibe Nisa text saying that I get the BO position. Alhamdulillah :) 

p/s : bo, i miss you too three and four :*