Saturday, November 14

new chapter

hi :)

I am now at home. Being at home over the weekend is wht I want and I need to refresh me up so that I can study with full of spirits ;D hehe. *It was just an excuse for me to get home every weekend*.

Last Monday was my first classs and my first day of semester two. Looking at all the handouts given on the second semester's syllybus makes me realize tht I need to start from the beginning. So all and all, I did all my homeworks precisely and accurately ;p I dont want to have the feeling of hesitation once I entered any of my tutorial class. It makes me feel safe.

Talking about new semester, the teachers and lecturers are also new. Except for some classes. and some I do like but some I am still trying to adapt in. For my Mathematics tutorial, I got a new teacher. I feel comfortable when Im in his class. I did all tht he asked us to do. Its the feeling of fun and enjoyment. But last Friday he announced us tht he'll be no longer teaching our class for some reasons. I got so distracted. Boring nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Back to the semester one teacher. Haihs. *tkpe, think of the positive side :) whatever it is, I have to study and complete all my hmworks right on time.

Next week, Ill be going for a trip to Cameron Highlands :) Hopefully it will all be great and fun.