Monday, November 2

Just got back for an outing w my collge friends. We went to Pyramid for Jennifer's Body. twas awesome. The movie I mean. The outing was quite a quiet outing. LOL. Everyone was zipped out. I dont know what went wrong but I dont really like it that way. Im not me. I cant be me when Im with them. sigh. Can anybody suggest me a right word to describe how I feel right now? Mum is away fr a course for few days. and I felt guilty for not being a good daughter. I fought with her like everyday and I even put on faces when shes saying sumting to me. Haihs. I just dont know why I did tht. :((((((( I love you, Mak

Abg cik is away in US. I hope yre doing good overthere. We are all missing you so badly here in Malaysia. and Im praying tht u will get the scholarship. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

two weeks past and nw another few days left till I get stucked in tht hellhole AGAIN ;'( I have to do this. and if Im kicked out from the cllge, dad would be mad angry sad and and ... uhh, I dont know. Its not like Im doing this fr him. but to know tht he really wants the best from me, it makes me stressful. and Im not blaming him 100%, I myself wanted this badly. I want to further my studies out frm Malaysia(if possible). Amin.. or in other words, I have to excel in matriks to fullfill the scholar requirements :( I wana make Mak and Ayah happy and proud of themselves to have a daughter like me ;D

Desiring so many things makes you feel bad for not having it. and so, I have to do somthing to at least I got my own money to purchase all of those. I have to figure a way to gain money.yes, money. A very important thing in this whole wide world. I mean, the most important thing tht matters. No money, no nothing, right ey? Haihs.

p/s: I dont really like wht I wore today :(