Tuesday, September 6

of Raya and Scarves

Salam Aidilfitri!

I'm in the midst of looking for nice and head scarf wearable scarves. Too bad I wasn't able to really do the shopping back then when I was in Singapore for raya purposes. Not that I'll be buying the whole lots of scarves they have there, just that I think it will be wise for me just to compare the collections and of course, the prices. Anyhoo, I might be touring around One Utama and Mid Valley soon just to do head scarf hunting. Hehe. You can say I'm obsessed with it because hell yes I am!! 

And if you have see any shops or stalls that sells nice scarves, please let me know. I love squared scarves just because I look weird and bulat with the normal shawls. Or maybe I have zero talent on wearing shawls with all sorts of fashionable styles. Too bad :(

So yes, come and share the options! :)

good thing about scarf(s) is that they complement you
even with your simplest outfit